Returning individuals to competitive employment through comprehensive vocational rehabilitation services.


During his initial meeting with the counselor, Mr. S related that he had suffered a neck injury while working as a truck driver six years’ prior and had no desire to return to that occupation following surgery. Since recovering, he had not attempted to find work and said that he was uncertain whether he could go to a regular job every day. He revealed his interest in developing his lifelong passion for agriculture into a business by working as a guide and leasing his land for hunting deer, feral hogs, and other wildlife. The Rapant-McElroy team conducted extensive labor market research to establish the income potential and feasibility of starting such an endeavor in his location. When the findings indicated he could, in fact, have a lucrative business in an occupation that excited him, Mr. S felt empowered and was highly motivated to work again.

vocational rehabilitation success stories.

Mr. W had worked as a heavy equipment operator and foreman with the same company for over a decade, when he sustained a knee injury that left him unable to return to work in the same physical capacity as before. His employer referred him to Rapant-McElroy & Associates for vocational services, which included administering vocational testing and a career assessment inventory, developing a professional resume, providing internal and external job leads in keeping with his vocational and educational background and his interests, and preparing for job interviews. After considering occupational options in a variety of industries, Mr. W decided he preferred to stay with his current employer and to apply for a career opportunity available within the organization. Following a very competitive selection and interview process, Mr. W was chosen for the position and he was pleased to accept the job offer extended by his long-time employer.

vocational rehabilitation success stories.

Ms. Z has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and came to Rapant-McElroy for job placement assistance. She had been unemployed five years, during which time she had applied for work and interviewed on many occasions without receiving any job offers. She felt motivated to work but had grown depressed and anxious and she was worried about her future. She expressed her ultimate goal was to live independently. The counselor worked with Ms. Z to update her resume and social media profile, register at the state workforce office, and obtain a meeting with the state vocational rehabilitation agency. Additionally, the counselor met with her to review job leads identified for her and to assist with completing online applications and follow-up activities. Mock interviews were carried out and, with coaching, Ms. Z improved her communication skills as well as her ability to develop interview strategies. When she started her new job, the counselor provided guidance and support to ensure success. Ms. Z was relieved and glad to be moving toward achieving her ultimate goal at last.